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Little Hippie Chick

Kantha Tie Headbands

Kantha Tie Headbands

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Introducing your favorite headband!  Tie back (or front) kantha headbands.  Each one unique and one of a kind.  Best part, they are REVERSIBLE.  Literally 2 headbands in 1.  

Sizes have been tested from professional headband wearers.  From thin, fine hair to thick dreads.  Length has been perfect so far.  100% cotton


Length:  33" - 34"  Width:  4.5" to 5"

Kantha material is a type of traditional Indian fabric, known for its unique embroidery style. It originates from Bengal, both in India and Bangladesh, and is traditionally made from old saris and cloth.  The distinctive feature of Kantha is its intricate hand-stitched embroidery. The stitches are often simple, running stitches that create beautiful patterns and designs.

Washing instructions:  Wash in cold.  Hang to dry.  You can machine dry if necessary, but not recommended.  Heat tends to shrink fabric


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